Agriculture Polyester Wire

Polyester Wire has black support tine and transparent support tine. Black support tine is mainly used for greenhouses pull screen system and outdoor awning as the lamination tine, also for the vineyard of the support line. The transparent support line is mainly used for greenhouse pull screen system and indoor awning, also support lines on greenhouse film. 

• Polyester wire is motionless to changes in temperature ( -40 C to +70()
• it is not Electric conductor
• Polyester wire does not need to be re stretched and always grants the right tension 
• it is intesisitive to chemicals used for plants and soil treatment in agriculture. ideal for use in coatel environments where steel wire rust 
• Easy installation due it is light weight. it does not injure plants and lf wire cut is just fall down ground without causing and injuries 
• it can be cut with neumatic scissors, but reattachedment is easy with a knot, a metal seeve ora gripple

Technical information

Dıameter mm Meter per Bobbin
1,80 mm 2500 mm
2,20 mm 1800 mm
2,60 mm 1300 mm
3,00 mm 1000 mm
4,00 mm 600 mm